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1. YouTube Channel Autism Blue Rose

We are running YouTube channel Autism Blue Rose where you can see latest video and learn how to upkeep and work with your children and teach them daily skills and teaching etc. link of YouTube channel


2. Blue Rose School

We are running blue rose school for children with autism which is situated in heart of city Patiala .we here provide complete facilities that are required for over all development of children with autism. We not only provide therapies but academic work is also in agenda of our time table. Here children are learning with dignity and self respect. Over all progress of our children is very good. It is not just a school it is the mid path between normal and special schools that provides not only the special education but academics too. We believe that every child has a right to get the education according to his or her needs. our motive is to prepare them for the mainstream schools.

3. Monthly Magazine Autism Today

Our monthly publication is another land mark which is published in three language English, Hindi & Punjabi. . Our publication Autism Today is spreading awareness about autism. Our magazine is good source of information for parents as well as general public. With this publication parents get latest information and can be able to know how to deal with autism .We also get in touch with parent, public and other NGO working in this field.

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4. Awareness Campaign

We are also working for awareness about autism in society .Only awareness can provide person with autism the right place in society that they deserve. To achieve our target we have started project awareness campaign in Punjab .We conduct seminar, provide literature and also distribute our publication free of cost. Now to add another feather in our campaign we produce with collaboration of raftaar production limited a short film named Blue Rose that can become mile stone in history of awareness. We are also using social net work to achieve our target of awareness .our page on face book autism blue rose and also group autism blue rose serve the purpose

5. Autism Village (gurukul)

Our organisation is working to achieve our goal to establish housing scheme for persons with autism called autism village gurukul where our dream is to provide schooling ,hospital, work place and residence in one place .this is mini city where person and children with autism would live life with dignity. This is not mere hostel but residence their, own home .schooling, vocational work club market and work place in one place. This will be in natural environment they will get the proper education and will develop overall in the lap of nature .we are working to find suitable land of 10 acre for this purpose .This project is answer to question of parents that what after us.? Here person with autism not only learn but also work to earn their own so that they can be able to live an independent life.. We need help of parent to establish and turn our dream in to reality.

6.Blue rose short film on autism

Now to add another feather in our projects we produce with collaboration of raftaar production limited a short film named as Blue Rose that will proved a mile stone in the history of awareness. This short film named as blue rose based on real story can change the view point of not the people but of the whole society. They have about autism. Autism they would be able to understand autism in a better way. and so as understand persons with autism.