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About us

Autism India Today is non profit Organization came into existence on June 2011. Autism India Today is specially built for the welfare of persons affected with autism and their families. Autism India Today not just support the children affected with autism, but also work for empowerment of the parents dealing with autism. Autism India Today is involved in valuable work like assessment, education that meets the individual needs; provide them social education so that they can become part of society. Activities like ADL. In which children with autism are taught to learn of their daily living skills so that they can able to live an independent life.

Autism India Today provides school services to these children in blue rose school. This school provides direct services for individual with autism. It also provides the education that meets to their individual, needs like social education ADL, vocational work etc. . It is not just a school it is the mid path between normal and special schools that provides not only the special education but academics too. We believe that every child has a right to get the education according to his or her needs. Our motive is to prepare them for the mainstream schools. We believe that every child has potential to learn and we provide it to them in a better way so that they can become an active part of society and live with dignity.

Autism India Today also provides the counselling services to the affected families .It works like a parents support group that focus on raising awareness about autism in India specially in villages and backward area .

Our logo represents to show collective efforts of us and parents to bloom the blue rose and to nurture it.

To achieve the target Autism India Today conducts seminar and distribute awareness material among the public. We also publish monthly magazine to spread awareness about autism. Our magazine is good source of information for parents as well as general public. We also use social media to spread awareness about autism our page autism blue rose on face book and group autism blue rose is famous among parents too.

Our target is not just spreading awareness but to fight for rights of individual affected with autism as well as their families so that they get the respect that they deserve in the society.